Super Fortune Group, the pioneer importer & distributor of nutritional supplements in Taiwan since 1976.  We have also devoted in developing and marketing the pharmaceuticals from all over the world in a wide range, including the generic, OCT and specialty drugs as well as the new therapeutic entities and medical skin care products.  Our hard work over the past few decades enabled us to partner with many esteemed global pharma companies under exclusive distributorship; we remain a strong player in the industry. 

We operate to cover the major market sectors:

  • Public and private hospitals, medical centers, district hospitals, teaching hospitals, military hospitals and Department of Health tenders
  • Owner-managed pharmacies, drugstores and medical practitioners
  • TV & radio shopping channels, direct selling and beauty salons
​Record shows that we have high achievement not only by obtaining many product registrations from Taiwan authorities, but also for the successful business every year.  Our forward-looking prospectives and extensive professional expertise will surely keep us pace with the innovative environment and moreover, continue to progress for the well-being of our society.